Math Tricks for Kids: Making Learning Fun and Easy!


Introducing math tricks in an entertaining way can turn the learning experience into a delightful adventure for kids. By incorporating interactive and engaging methods, kids can develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and improve their problem-solving skills. Let’s dive into some exciting math tricks that will captivate young minds and instill a love for numbers.

1. Magical Number 9

The “Magical Number 9” trick is a fun way to introduce kids to basic addition. To perform this trick, write down any two-digit number (e.g., 23). Add the digits together (2 + 3 = 5) and subtract the result from the original number (23 – 5 = 18). The answer is always 9!

2. Times Tables with Fingers

Multiplication tables can be challenging for kids to memorize. Use their fingers as a visual aid to make it fun and interactive. For example, to teach the 9 times table, spread out both hands, and to find the answer for 9×3, fold down the third finger from the left. The number of fingers before the folded finger represents the tens place (2), and the number of fingers after represents the ones place (7). So, 9×3 = 27.

3. Math Riddles and Puzzles

Incorporate math riddles and puzzles into the learning process. Riddles that involve numbers and simple calculations not only entertain kids but also encourage critical thinking.

Math Puzzles

4. Shape Symmetry

Teach kids about symmetry using shapes. Fold a piece of paper with a drawing in half and show how one side mirrors the other perfectly. Allow them to create their symmetrical shapes for a hands-on experience.

5. Memory Game with Flashcards

Turn multiplication and addition practice into a memory game using flashcards. Lay the cards face down, and kids can flip them over two at a time to find matching pairs of numbers and answers.

6. Math in the Kitchen

Involve kids in measuring ingredients while cooking or baking. This hands-on activity introduces practical applications of math concepts like fractions and conversions.

7. Counting with Skip Counting

Teach skip counting by incorporating patterns and movements. Count by twos while hopping, count by fives while clapping, or count by tens while jumping. This technique makes learning numbers entertaining and memorable.

8. Fraction Fun with Pizza

Use a pizza to explain fractions. Divide the pizza into equal slices, and kids can understand fractions like 1/2, 1/4, and 3/4 visually.

9. Math Storytime

Integrate math into storytelling. Create math-related stories or find books that involve numbers and basic operations. This technique brings joy to learning and enhances kids’ numerical comprehension.

10. Online Math Games and Apps

There are numerous math games and apps available online that make learning math enjoyable and interactive. These games challenge kids and reward them for their progress, keeping them engaged and motivated.


Math tricks for kids can turn learning into a thrilling adventure, fostering a positive attitude toward mathematics. By incorporating fun activities, games, and visual aids, kids can develop strong math skills and grow to appreciate the wonders of numbers.

FAQs About Math Tricks for Kids

1. Are math tricks suitable for all age groups?

Yes, math tricks can be adapted for different age groups by adjusting the complexity and level of difficulty.

2. How can I make math learning enjoyable for my child?

Incorporate interactive activities, games, and real-life examples to make math learning enjoyable for your child.

3. Can math tricks help improve a child’s problem-solving abilities?

Absolutely! Math tricks encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills, helping kids become better at analytical tasks.

4. Where can I find more math games and apps for kids?

Numerous educational websites and app stores offer a wide range of math games and apps suitable for different age groups.

5. Can math tricks boost a child’s confidence in math?

Yes, math tricks make math more approachable, boosting a child’s confidence and enthusiasm for the subject.

Math Tricks for Kids: Making Learning Fun and Easy!

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